Soccer In the Sun - COLUMBUS CUP 2015 - Casa Grande Arizona

2015 Champions!

Over 35 Division

Champions: Jake Stars
Second: FC Sultan

Over 40 A Division

Champions: LASC
Second: FCFC

Over 40 B Division

Champions: Mundo FC
Second: Little Lebowski's Under Achievers

Over 48 A Division

Champions: Sam Adams Akron
Second: OC Spurs


Over 48 B Division

Champions: El Cartel - Hall of Famers
Second: Chapmen Scorpions


Over 48 C Division

Champions: McMacabbis
Second: Clayton Wonders


Over 55 Division

Champions: Freddy Fund
Second: Bates Motel


Over 60 Division

Champions: Golden State Legends
Second: Vancouver Classics


Honorable Referees


Tournament Photos

Recognizing the Tournament's Oldest Player: Wolfgang Degemonn

The Trophies






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