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• A mandatory coaches/managers meeting will be held Saturday morning before the tournament begins.

• It will be held at a place to be determined.

• A coach, managers or team representative MUST attend this meeting.

• The Tournament Director will not be responsible if a change of the schedule was made and a team was not present.



• A team can have a maximum of twenty (20) players on their rosters.

• Changes on the final roster will be accepted before the team plays its first game. Players are only eligible if they are on the roster.

• Rosters must be signed/verified during the MANDATORY MANAGERS MEETING. Players registering on Saturday must pay $5 per player.

• Players are allowed to play on only one (1) team in a division. Players playing on 2 teams must register once for each team.



• All players must have a valid government-issued photo I.D. with date of birth present at the field for every game.

• Players are required to have their I.D. available at the field, in case a protest is made regarding age they will show their ID.

• Wristbands will be used to indicate ID has been checked. Wristbands must be worn for the duration of the tournament.  Wristbands issued after your first game will be issued at a cost of $2.00 each, regardless of when the player arrived to the tournament.

• ID scanners will be employed randomly throughout the event. Having 1 player with a fake ID will result in the ejection of your entire team.



• Coaches or managers are responsible for making sure that the proper score is recorded on the referees score card at the end of each game.



• Every team is required to pick up after themselves.

• Trash containers are available throughout the soccer complex.

• Additional trash bags can be obtained at the concession stand.






This tournament is based on FIFA Rules, however the following modifications apply:


1. All games will be considered as final and no protest will be allowed.


2. Team rosters will be a requirement at the start of the tournament. Fielding players not on the roster who are not of age or have not registered online and signed the liability waiver will result in that team’s forfeiture and ejection.


3. All players must be of the age of the group that they are playing in. Age is determined not by date of birth but by the calendar year of birth. This means the player must be or turn the age of the bracket by December 31 of the tournament year. Age can only be questioned by the team captain or manager. If there are any questions about age, the manager of the team (not a player) needs to ask the referee to check the player in question's ID. An age protest may only be made prior to the start of play, at the half time or immediately upon final whistle; the player in question must present the ID before the game clock runs down, but the player cannot play until cleared by the referee. At the time of protest both teams will repair to the sideline. The team managers, the referees and the player in question will meet in the middle of the field. No other persons are allowed on the field at this time. The referee will inspect the ID and their judgment will be final. Upon presentation play will resume until the end of time. If ID is requested at the end of play the player must present their ID within 5 minutes of the request.


THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED: Teams that field ineligible players will be assessed with an automatic 0-3 loss on all games they played or were to play. There will be NO exceptions.


4. Slide tackling is not allowed. Team managers may confer with the referee prior to the game at hand to amend this rule for the game being played.


5. Unlimited substitutions will be permitted.


6. Yellow Cards entail an automatic five (5) minute cooling off period. The player may be substituted. This includes goalies.


7. A player ejected for a red card will automatically miss his team’s next game.


8. Depending on the severity of the ejection the Tournament Director has the right to extend the suspension.


9. A player ejected for fighting or striking another player, will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. The team will play all remaining games with one less player.


10. A player or team official (coach or manager) who physically attacks a player, referee or tournament official will be suspended from the rest of the tournament and possibly all future tournaments.


11. Any player not playing for the team that was on the original roster will be disqualified and the team that allowed him to play will forfeit the game.


12. Teams that forfeit games by no-show will not be invited to future tournaments.


13. Players may be of any gender so long as the player meets the age requirement of their given bracket.


14. First place champion teams will receive a trophy.


15. Games are 60 minutes with 30 minute halves and a 5 minute rest.  No tie-breaking in tournament play.  Quarter-final ties broken with 5 penalty kicks per side and then a coin toss.  Semi-final and final ties broken with Penalty Kicks.  Games may be shortened by tournament officials.


16. Teams have a 15 minute grace from start time until issued forfeiture for no show unless otherwise decided by the tournament director.

17. If teams have uniforms that are the same color, letting them know the team that needs to change their uniform is the one designated as the "Home" team.


18. If any issues arise on the fields, the team manager or captain needs to bring the issues to the referees attention and the referee will contact the tournament director, if necessary.


19. Any use of foul language will receive a yellow card. This enforces the first cautionable offense against unsporting conduct as listed in FIFA's soccer laws.


20. Any dissent to the referee by a player or person other than the team captain or manager will receive a yellow card. This enforces the second cautionable offense against "dissent by word or action".


21. Reservation fee is a separate non-refundable fee. The registration fee for Over 40, Over 48, & Over 55 is $949. Cancellations may receive a partial refund of registration fee at the following schedule based on a start time of the Friday evening before play commences: 31 days or more prior or to the tournament $300 refund. 15 to 30 days prior $200. Within 14 days prior to the tournament no refunds allowed.


22. All players must wear tournament wrist bands to play in tournament. Wristbands are issued at the beginning of the first match. Wristbands issued after the first match will be issued at a fee of $2.00 per player.


23. Any breach in the rules or requirements may result in a team’s forfeiture. Rules grievances may be lodged with the tournament director at any time. Tournament Director has final say in all rules.


24. All Players must individually register and digitally sign the liability waiver.


25. Any team missing a consolation game will be sanctioned.



The point system is as follows:


  • 6 points for a win
  •  4 points for a tie
  • 1 point for every goal, up to 3 goals
  • 1 point for shutout win (not a 0-0 tie)
  • 1 point loss for a red card
  • 10 points for a no-show forfeit, marked as a 0-3 win to the opposing team for all games played by forfeiting team


Point Tie breakers are as follows:


1. Head to head result

2. Goal Differential

3. Least goals against

4. Most goals scored

5. Red cards

6. Coin toss in Match play or QF (Over the phone)


REMINDER:  Team managers are entirely responsible to ensure that all players are properly registered and meet the age restrictions of the group that they are playing in. You further agree to convey the following waiver and release of liability information to your players and agree that they have read and understand the tournament rules and the Tournament Waiver and release of Liability. Your submission of the roster with all players' names and signatures confirms this action.



updated: jan 2019


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