Soccer In the Sun - HARVEST CUP - Casa Grande Arizona

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Another great weekend of soccer at the Francisco Grande Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona has come to a close. Steeped between a between a cow pasture and a pot ash factory are 8 of the most beautiful soccer fields you have ever seen. Thank you to all 63 teams that participated in over 150 matches. We had 3 fabulous days of soccer in sun.

I can’t thank all the teams and players enough for your participation and making this the funnest weekend in October. A huge thank you to our referees for their outstanding officiating. Moving the event 2 weeks improved the pitches and gave us cooler weather. I would love to hear your thoughts about holding the tournament on this weekend.

My only disappointment was needing to disqualify 3 teams for fielding ineligible players. We had to disqualify 3 teams for fielding players using fake IDs this tournament and because of this we have begun utilizing ID scanners to verify IDs. This unfortunate lapse in integrity not only resulted in the teams being disqualified from Harvest Cup 2017, but  banned from King Cup 2018. A second offense will result in a permanent ban from all future Soccer In Sun events. Despite this, the entire Soccer in Sun Staff hopes everyone had a great time and look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas!

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