"That was a beyond spectacular tournament. My favorite EVER! Of course, your organization of the event was fantastic as ever, but getting to have the penthouses and the suites at the Francisco Grande was fabulous. YES! As I shared with you several weeks ago, Lori…reserve us there for the next ten years!" - Michael


“Best tournament experience in a long, long time! I’m seriously sore but with a big smile on my face.” Rich


"It was a great tournament experience and the best fields I ever have played on by far! Looking forward to Vegas!” Tom


“Great weekend! Good results and only minor injuries. I will be taking some time off to heal and plan to be ready for Vegas!” Mark

2018 Team Testimonials

2018 Champions!

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35 and Over Division

40 and Over Division - Group A

40 ad Over Division - Group B

40 and Over Division - Group C

48 and Over Division - Group A

48 and Over Division - Group B

48 and Over Division - Group C

55 and Over Division

60 and Over Division

65 and Over Division

 Champions: Kell's FC

 2nd Place: La Perra FC

 Champions: Four Peaks

 2nd Place: Nomads

 Champions: BB Utah

 2nd Place: Club A1

 Champions: Utah Mix

 2nd Place: Prestige Worldwide

 Champions: SINA FC

 2nd Place: EPZ Club Italia

 Champions: PCH Cardinals

 2nd Place: Four Peaks Growlers

 Champions: OC Spurs

 2nd Place: Arroyo Masters

 Champions:  OC Spurs

 2nd Place: Blackpool Rock


 Champions: Freddy Fund

 2nd Place: The Incinerators

 Champions: Golden State Legends

 2nd Place: Freddy Fund

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